Business Process
    Management Services

Execution and improvement of your business processes through Business Process Management (BPM).

Business Process Management (BPM) introduces a change in organizational focus from functional silos to integrated business processes.  Driven by the need to compete in a fast-paced, real-time economy, organizations are beginning to recognize the need to achieve an agile process-centric organization.  This not only requires an understanding and deployment of successful process management principles, but also the understanding and ability to improve end-to-end processes enabled by appropriate business process management systems and technologies. 

Since BPM involves several organizational dimensions such as culture, governance, organizational issues, process, and technology, organizations need to have an understanding  BPM principles from in both soft and technical related areas. 

Lederer and Associates can provide you with the knowledge and business process related skills that embraces the business process management practices of the new process-centric organization.


Our BPM specialists:
Hold a Ph.D. in Information Sciences
Are teaching specialists in BPM since 2002
Work with and teach SAP R/3 since 1998, specialty in SAP Webflow
Work with IDS Scheer’s ARIS Toolset (Business Architect) since 2001
Certified ARIS Professional and Certified ARIS Professional for SAP Netweaver

Our BPM Services Include:
Business Process Management Education and Training:
Learn how to transition to a process-driven organization
Understand what Business Process Management is and how it can benefit your organization
Understand BPM maturity levels and factors that influence them
Learn how to do process mapping and modeling

Business Process Analysis and Design:
Direct management in how to strategically analyze and transition their organization to be process-driven
Facilitate process scoping and analysis
Facilitate process analysis of AS-IS processes and TO-BE processes

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